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Winter Sponsorship Opportunities

Vista Ridge All Seasons Park has had a long tradition of advertising local businesses and their products and services on the backs of our chairlifts. This marketing strategy provides a unique opportunity to local businesses: it not only aligns your business with local recreational facilities but also offers exposure to a variety of consumers. Vista Ridge sees close to 50,000 people travel up on the chair annually and we expect this number to continue growing as people seek out more outdoor winter activities year over year.


Chair Lift Sponsorship

Feature your companies logo on the back of one (or more) of our chairs on the Wilson Chairlift

1 Chair: $250.00

2 Chairs: $475.00

3 or more Chairs: $200.00

For more information or to inquire about sponsorship please contact our Customer Service Office by phone (780-743-8651) or email (

Sponsorship Opportunities are also available for the Summer Season

Thank You to our Current Sponsors

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