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Opening March 11, 2023 - April 1, 2023


The Vista Ridge BagJump will be operating on Saturday's and Sunday's (12PM to 3pm) from Saturday March 11, 2023 until Saturday April 1, 2023 (please note: BagJump is weather dependent - always call the Snowline (780-799-SNOW) before coming out.

All skiers and snowboarders who are intermediate riders or above are welcome to use the BagJump - there are just a few things we'll need from you. To use the BagJump, you are required to complete a BagJump waiver and purchase a BagJump ticket in addition to your lift ticket. The following is a brief step-by-step guide to get you jumping as quickly, easily and safely as possible!


  1. Get a Bagjump Waiver form and fill it out. You can get a form from our main office, or download and print from our website (please note: it must be printed in colour).

  2. Fill out your BagJump waiver form ON BOTH SIDES. Please note that if you are under 18, you will require a parent or legal guardian’s signature – without a completed, signed waiver you will not be allowed to purchase a BagJump ticket. A BagJump waiver will only need to be filled out once for the 2023 season.

  3. Upon presentation of a completed, signed waiver form, you will be required to purchase a BagJump ticket ($15.00). You must put your BagJump ticket on at the main ticket office with Vista Ridge staff as a witness. Bagjump tickets are only valid for the date of purchase. Advance purchases are not permitted.

  4. Once you have a valid BagJump ticket and a valid lift ticket or season pass, you may enter the BagJump arena located at the bottom of the Chairline run. Please follow all directions from staff members when using the BagJump. Anyone not complying with directions from staff members in the BagJump arena will be asked to leave Vista Ridge.

  5. To use the BagJump, you will need a suitable ski or snowboard helmet, and suitable skis or snowboard (no extremely sharp or broken edges, no flat tails and bindings in good working order).

  6. When using the BagJump, your first jump on each day MUST be a straight air (No rotations and/or inversions) upon completion of your first straight air jump of the day, your BagJump ticket will be marked by staff and you will then be allowed to attempt jumps with rotations/inversions for the remainder of that day. 

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